Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bob's Bed & Breakfast

Bob and I sometimes joke about changing the name of The Grand Kerr House to Bob's Bed & Breakfast.  Bob has become the face of the B&B and it's amazing how much he does around here!

Bob is the primary breakfast cook - his omelettes, stuffed peppers and breakfast rancheros are becoming house guest favorites and are often requested by guests at check-in (though Cathy still makes a great quiche and her pumpkin bread remains a staple at the breakfast table).

When not in the kitchen, Bob is happy to be working out in the yard.  The landscaping he has completed this season was part of Cathy's three year plan - but give Bob an idea and he runs with it!  There is no stopping Bob until the job is complete and he often goes above and beyond expectation.

Even as I write this note, Bob is sitting with the guests - entertaining them with stories of the history of the house and tales of his great adventures.  So, don't just come to see The Grand Kerr House, come and see Bob - a man who taken ownership of our dream and made it our reality.

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